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Secondary schools in St. Petersburg

Comprehensive PPP project support


  • The client is a company engaged in the construction of large residential estates in St. Petersburg and other regions
  • The client decided to take a private initiative on the construction and subsequent maintenance of two buildings of secondary schools in the Admiralteysky district of St. Petersburg


  • The GREEN team, in cooperation with the funding organization, prepared the full set of documentation necessary for the implementation of the PPP project according to the model provided for by Federal Law No. 224-FZ On Public-Private Partnership, and is also currently coordinating it with the authorized bodies of St. Petersburg
  • The developed set of documents includes:
    • project financial model and supporting documentation
    • draft PPP agreement
    • project implementation proposal and all supporting documentation
  • In order to coordinate the developed documentation, negotiations were held with the authorized bodies of St. Petersburg; currently, procedures are underway to evaluate the effectiveness and comparative advantage


Complete documentation set has been developed to submit a private initiative to conclude a PPP agreement

A public partner’s decision was received to forward the proposal for the implementation of the project to the authorized body for evaluation of its effectiveness and comparative advantage