About us

About us

GREEN is an engineering company that offers complex support for infrastructure, industrial and development projects during every stage of their lifecycles.

Our industry profiles include transport infrastructure, social infrastructure, utility infrastructure, energy infrastructure, agro-industrial, and production and manufacturing.

We have over 150 experts specialising in various fields.

About us About us

We take a special approach to the services we offer. We know what top-class services are.

Prompt response

Time is the most valuable resource. Our efficient decision-making policies help us give rapid feedback and respond to incoming inquiries.

Value creation

We see our tasks through the client’s eyes and drive effective results. Each recommendation or solution we offer focuses on creating customer value.

Easy to understand

We strive for clarity in everything we do. When communicating, we make sure that our employees, clients, and contractors, irrespective of their titles and specializations, have a common understanding of the objectives, get the necessary information, and keep up-t0-date with the project's progress. 

Always available

We always have resources on standby, and our projects never depend on a single expert. There are always several managers who know everything about your project and are ready to give a prompt response to any questions that may arise. 

Keeping you updated

We provide access to all project materials. Our clients always keep up with the work progress and status, which helps them forecast risks and plan possible solutions.

Thriving on challenges

We do not avoid difficult situations and never conceal problems. Our experts are well-prepared to make decisions and quickly escalate issues in unexpected circumstances or conflicts in order to minimize damage, protect the client’s best interests, and support the project. 

Continuous improvement

Our non-stop learning system, alongside a performance evaluation and feedback process, continuously enhances our professional and management skills, boosting the quality of client services.

GREEN Training System

Do you want to learn more about the skills and competencies that provide our clients with premier services? Information about the GREEN Training System is available here.


GREEN unites over 150 experts and professionals in various cities across Russia and other CIS countries. Many of our employees have worked together for over 10 years.

This section will tell you more about our leadership.

GREEN Code of Conduct

GREEN’s Code of Conduct sets a foundation for our work and serves as our primary professional standard. The Code of Conduct determines our principles, rules, and approaches to organising processes, communications, and procedures for project implementation and management.

We publicly disclose GREEN’s Code of Conduct and hope you find it helpful.

Strategy 2024

We provide access to our strategic plans.


Regional Concession Company LLC

«The Khabarovsk Territorial Administration of Regional Concession Company LLC recommends GREEN as a reliable and professional supplier.»
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«The initiative and proactive approach of the contractor in the course of interaction produced a pleasant impression.»
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BLG Logistics

«Through all these years we had the team of GREEN as professional support to all our business activities in Russia and implemented several complicated projects together.»
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SKA Ice Hockey Club

«We especially note the effectiveness of interaction with the GREEN team, which ensures the efficiency of the tasks being solved and allows us to respond to the identified risks in a timely manner.»
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«All our recommendations and solutions aimed to achieve the maximum result during the project work. We have seamlessly completed the implementation stage owing to well-structured operations and deep immersion in all internal processes of the Production Technology Department.»
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RKK (VIS Group)

«All works have been completed in time and with proper quality. We would like to emphasize the comfort and clarity of communications organized by the experts of your company during the implementation of the project.»
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Agrocomplex Bogorodskie Ovoschi

«We would like to note the understanding of the specifics of the projects being implemented, a flexible approach to our needs, a comprehensive vision of the situation, as well as the compliance of the issued reports with requirements and standards.»
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«The high quality of the services allows us to give a positive assessment and recommend GREEN LLC as a reliable and highly professional partner in the area of construction audit and consulting.»
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Agrocomplex Ivanisovo

«We recommend GREEN LLC as a reliable, highly professional, and responsible partner who clearly understands the needs of customers and selects the best solution for existing problems.»
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Intel Consulting

«A distinctive feature of GREEN LLC’s work is high professionalism and self-discipline of its employees as well as remarkable team-spirit.»
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Intel Consulting

«GREEN LLC has shown its ability to approach the assigned tasks with full responsibility, to perform work efficiently and on time. We recommend GREEN LLC as a reliable and stable business partner.»
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«On behalf of Interactive LLC we recommend GREEN LLC as a reliable and highly professional partner who understands the customers’ needs.»
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Kivach Clinic

«Your company’s specialists showed competence, professionalism and high quality of provided services.»
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«During the joint work GREEN LLC in practice has proven its reliability and competence, high quality and professionalism of the services provided, as well as attention to the requests of its partners and customers.»
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Institute Orgenergostroy

«The high quality of the services provided allows us to give a positive assessment of the work of GREEN LLC and to recommend this company as a partner in the area of construction audit and consulting.»
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«We recommend GREEN LLC as a reliable, highly qualified and responsible partner who clearly understands the needs of customers, selects the best solution to the tasks set, and promises to open new horizons for business development.»
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«On behalf of our company, we would like to thank you for effective cooperation in the implementation of the Project for the creation of a toll collection system for compensation for damage caused to public highways of federal importance by vehicles.»
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North-West Concession Company

«Employees of GREEN LLC have proved themselves as highly qualified specialists who, in the shortest possible time, find non-standard approaches to complex problems, offer effective solutions, and provide high-quality services.»
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«We would like to note the understanding of the specifics of the projects being implemented, a flexible approach to the needs of our company, a comprehensive vision of the situation, as well as full compliance of the issued reports with the requirements and credit institutions’ standards.»
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«During our joint work, the company’s specialists demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the company’s activities.»
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Our people are the driving force of GREEN’s success. Together we foster an environment where talented and enthusiastic experts have maximum opportunities for professional development and personal growth. We appreciate the unique character of every person in an environment that encourages diverse perspectives and involvement.

We are constantly searching for highly skilled and experienced professionals. We hire like-minded people based on their skills and experience regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity, faith, or marital status.

Do you want to learn more about the key skills and competencies we put a special focus on? Information about the GREEN Training System which can help you grow rapidly in the professional field is available here.

Click on the link below to browse our vacancies. Feel free to apply if you find a position that fits you!


Or send us your CV if you’d like a career with GREEN.


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