Technological progress, scientific discoveries, productivity growth, and technological development have contributed to the unprecedented prosperity of mankind, at least for a substantial part of it. Yet it has come at a price: we have found ourselves in a world of low climate, and restricted natural, social, and economic sustainability. This makes our future uncertain and threatens to worsen living conditions in the medium and long term.

The concept of sustainable development, generated more than 50 years ago and currently endorsed by leading international governmental and non-governmental organizations, is a response to the global risks that humanity is encountering for the first time.

Sustainable development is a management tool that meets our needs today while remaining able to do so tomorrow. We call this responsible business.

GREEN is not a public entity and is, therefore, not subject to mandatory disclosure. That said, we are open-minded and convinced of the importance of responsible business. We believe that our activities should contribute to the sustainability of the world in which we live, and that we should consciously make pertinent commitments to sustainability.

We have developed a sustainable development strategy up to the year 2024. We intend to make every effort to implement it and promote sustainable development principles in our work and business environment.

We look forward to communicating with like-minded people and we hope to work together to create a sustainable environment!

Library of useful references:

Sustainable Development Goals

Agenda for Sustainable Development

About the Sustainable Development Goals

Measures to combat climate change

A European Green Deal

Circular Economy Action Plan

Overall targets and reporting

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