GREEN continues to work in rural areas of the Osh region of the Kyrgyz Republic

GREEN continues to work on the review and updating of the feasibility study for a project to improve water supply and sanitation in rural areas of the Osh region of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The project covers 23 rural settlements of Uzgen and Kara-Suu regions with a total population number of over 130 thousand inhabitants. The investment scope includes the construction and installation of centralized water supply systems, the supply of special machinery and equipment for O&M of water supply networks, the increase of capacity of existing laboratories, and provision of the IT equipment for billing systems for water operators.

The project will significantly improve the access of the population to high-quality water supply, reduce the number of waterborne diseases, improve the quality of sanitary and hygienic services in schools and other social facilities, as well as strengthen the organizational and technical capacity of water utilities.

During the preparation of the feasibility study, the GREEN team is reviewing and amending technical solutions, assessing the institutional, legal, environmental, and social aspects of the project, as well as updating the financial forecasts, taking into account the tariff and affordability issues.