The first transboundary bridge across the Amur River

Traffic on the first ever cross-border railway bridge between Russia and China has been launched. The first train made a transition in the direction of the Chinese Tongjiang.

The construction of the Russian part of the bridge started in 2016. The object was built in a harsh climate, remoteness from large settlements and frequent floods. The project has been repeatedly subjected to adjustments and changes in technical solutions.

We at GREEN served as the project's technical expert from the resumption of construction in 2020 until commissioning.

The length of the new railway bridge is 2209 m. The total length of the Russian part of the bridge with approaches is 5272 meters, the length of the laid tracks is 24.14 km. The capacity is eight pairs of trains per day with a train length of 72 cars. As part of the reconstruction project, the existing Leninsk-1 railway station was subjected to, a new Leninsk-2 station and the Nizhneleninskoye railway checkpoint were built.