GREEN has been accredited by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK)

GREEN has been accredited by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK) for the purposes of financial and technical supervision of investment projects financed by the bank. Now our experts can participate in the support of the bank’s projects in the energy, transport and engineering industries.

DBK is a national development institute established to promote the sustainable development of the economy of Kazakhstan by investing in the non-resource sector of the country. As of July 2023, the bank has approved more than 170 projects with a total budget of more than 11 trillion tenge, the size of the loan portfolio amounted to 5.7 trillion tenge. With the growth of the Bank’s investment activity, the technological complexity of projects and their scale increase and investment directions become more diverse, which requires the use of independent professional expertise. Therefore, at various stages of project review, the Bank attracts or recommends its clients to attract accredited consulting companies to provide various types of expert services.