GREEN management team held strategic planning session on the Baltic Sea shore

On October 6−8 our management team spent the weekend on the Baltic Sea shores in the hospitable eco-hotel Glampoint!

For 3 days, the participants of the strategic planning session managed not only to work intensively with business goals, but also to experience all the charm of the Baltic coast, when the stormy wind gives way to gentle sunny weather in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find amber after the storm, but we found something more valuable: we decided how we would develop the business under different scenarios, even in the perfect storm conditions.

The session turned out to be very practicable, soberingly honest and motivating at the same time. Curiosity and excitement are what we are guided by both in our work and in our hobbies, so we completed our intensive work with a venturous and informative evening at the wine casino.

We thank all the participants for their involvement, honesty and commitment!