The сonstruction of a cable car from Russia to China

The unprecedented project for the construction of a cable car line from Russia to China is being implemented in the Amur Region.

After the launch of the Blagoveshchensk-Heihe cableway, it will be possible to get to the neighboring country in a few minutes.

Now the site for the construction of the terminal is prepared, underground communications and engineering networks have been laid.
At the end of August, the construction of the foundations of the linear support will begin, and in September, the contractor will begin the installation of metal structures and the passenger terminal.

The cableway checkpoint is designed to serve 2.5 million passengers a year. In the first years, the passenger flow will be about 1 million people. The designed daily capacity of the cableway is 6−7 thousand people.

The completion of the cableway construction is scheduled for July 2025.

GREEN is a technical consultant for the project carrying out inter alia an analysis of the budget and timeline of the project for funding agencies.

Photo: the cable car line project. Source: Government of the Amur Region