Sailing in the life of the GREEN Engineering & Consulting team

This time we want to dilute our news feed, which is usually full of project events, and tell about hobbies of the GREEN Engineering & Consulting team. For several years now, our company and many employees have been sincerely passionate about yachting!

A hobby that seems romantic at first glance turns out to be a really venturous sport, requiring one to make lightning-fast tactical decisions, apply physical strength, and be ready to withstand harsh weather conditions! Among other things, yachting helps to develop other important skills, such as the ability to work in a team and understand one’s role and tasks.

What do our colleagues think about yachting? Let’s ask them!

Kristina Rudenko, Project Team Coordinator: "Watching yachts before, it seemed like something unavailable and unaсhievable. But thanks to my colleagues, I realized that this is more than possible, the main thing is to begin. As the saying goes, you can look at the water endlessly, but you can look at the water from a yacht for an eternity. This is a special type of meditation!"

Yaroslava Antipova, Head of Department, Technical Consulting: "For me, yachting is an opportunity to feel the drive and excitement of controlling the nature, and also have a great time with my racing girls-team!"

Inna Karpova, Managing Director: "Yachting is an element of nature, speed, freedom, wind in your head, extreme tiredness, sometimes injuries (it's a sport!), overcoming yourself, the opportunity to travel! And this is the coolest team: supportive, helpful, reserved (the guys from GREEN after all)! My team!"

Vladislav Mazurok, Managing Director: "Yachting is a great way to get some air, get away from everything and feel at one with the forces of nature. Wind and wave are amazing elements that give an indescribable feeling of unity with nature, awaken deeply hidden instincts in us and allow us to see how small we are in this very big world and how important it is to be able to notice and admire it"

The 2023 yachting season has come to an end, and we are looking forward to the next opportunity to sail. In the meantime, we will delight you with new interesting events in GREEN!