Gazprom LLC has commenced construction of a new foundry facility

Gazprom Energoholding Foundry Technologies LLC has commenced construction of a new foundry facility to produce high-precision turbine blades for industrial, marine and power gas turbines.

The manufacturing facility will be located in the Special Economic Zone "Uzlovaya" in Tula region. Introduction of the new foundry technologies at the enterprise will make it possible to produce high-reliability turbine blades with longer service life and extended replacement interval.
Turbine blades are the core and most complex element of gas turbines to manufacture. In operation, it is the turbine blades that are exposed to dynamic loads and ultra-high temperatures, so they have a limited service life and therefore require regular replacement.
The company also plans to set up an additive technology workshop for 3D printing of ceramic rods and models.

The construction of the manufacturing facility is planned to be completed in 2025. In 2026, the first batch of products will be ready and serial production will be launched.
The project implementation will contribute to the development of advanced foundry technologies and improvement of technological expertise in metals industry.

GREEN Engineering & Consulting Team provides financial and technical audit as well as monitoring services for the execution of this strategically important investment project. We would like to thank Gazprom Group for the cooperation!