Vitaly Klevtsov, Managing Director of GREEN, took part of the 5th annual industry forum “Construction Management in Russia”

On May 23, with the support of the Ministry of Construction of Russia within the framework of the 5th annual industry forum "Construction Management in Russia", the nationwide meeting on the topic "Advancement of the Technical Customer Institution" was held in Moscow. It is a significant event for the discussion of the technical customer role under the ambitious goals of construction development in Russia until 2030. Affiliated with the NOTECH Association, GREEN Company co-arranged the forum.

At the forum, active expert discussions were held, in which various participants of investment and construction projects took part. Representatives of customers, financial institutions, authorities, engineering companies, designers, builders and insurance companies discussed what a present-day technical customer should be like in order to successfully cope with all industry challenges and effectively manage a construction project.

As part of the discussion, Managing Director of GREEN Vitaly Klevtsov raised one of the key issues in construction project management — setting prices for technical customer services. In Vitaly’s opinion, the cost of technical customer services should not depend on the estimated cost of construction. In the structure of the cost of technical customer services about 2/3 are the costs of the project team. Team composition and its qualifications depends on the functions that the team performs for the project and doesn’t always depend on the estimated cost of construction.