Construction project management
We offer assistance in professional implementation of construction investment projects throughout the entire lifecycle. Our team of experts leverage their hands-on experience, industry-specific expertise and modern digital management and control tools to implement projects within the established deadlines and budgets while maintaining all required quality metrics.

Our managers, engineers, designers, cost management experts, as well as specialists in technical solution audits and project implementation monitoring form up a professional team that enables efficient management, ongoing control and adherence to project implementation quality standards.
  • Complex project management
    • Ensuring efficient cooperation between all project stakeholders
    • Managing project timeline
    • Managing project budgets
    • Contract management
    • Risk Management
  • Construction supervision
    • Incoming material inspection
    • Construction and installation work oversight in terms of quality and technology
    • Geodetic and laboratory control
    • Construction site occupational safety and health oversight
  • Technical customer
    • Collecting and preparing initial permits
    • Arranging necessary survey investigations and inspections
    • Providing support in drafting design specifications and estimates, obtaining a positive expert review
    • Communicating with supervisory agency officials at the construction site
    • Obtaining construction permits
    • Controlling and accepting completed work
    • Obtaining statements of conformity
    • Obtaining a commissioning certificate
  • Construction audit of the work performed
    • Reviewing documents of title and initial permits
    • Analysing the completeness and quality of project documents, work papers and as-built reports
    • Controlling scope and quality of the work performed
    • Construction readiness assessment
    • Conducting quantitative estimation and value appraisal of work-in-progress
    • Project 3D modelling (if required)
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Construction project management
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